Sunset/Sunrise Camel Safari (2 hrs.)


 Pushkar camel safari starts from Pushkar fair ground or hotel in Pushkar city(where you are stay) at 3.30 PM.then we reached at sunset point which is famous among tourists because it provide wonderful view of  shining sunset .we  see there that lots of people came to enjoy there. Lots of camels and camel carts , desert bikes are there. Some sellers offers you a rajasthani traditional dresses to wear on rent.Its time to shot a perfect picture to show to your family and friends . Then we moves to kalbeliya (Pushkar nomads houses). They live in a temporary and plastic houses. They live a simple and hard life.They totally away from city life and modernization. You may share your views towards them and ask them how they live their hard life. Then we again come back by camel from where  we start camel ride.Call us at +919828178063


The camel is a lovely and tame animal, however, certain care must be taken and instructions observed to make your ride as comfortable and safe as possible.

When mounting the camel lean back and make sure you are comfortable in your saddle.

Hang your backpack on the saddle knob.

When the camel stands up or sits down, lean back again and hold the reins (mori) tightly.

Always hold the reins when riding, as you will be rocked gently back and forth.

When turning right pull the right rein gently into the right direction, when turning left pull the left one to the left.

For galloping pull both reins together slowly and give the camel a slight kick on both sides with your legs.

To make the camel stop pull both reins backward quickly.

To make the camel sit down pull both reins and mouth the word "Jhu Jhu".

To get it walking again just pull the reins up again.

Should you wish to receive a demonstration of the above before the start of the trip, please just ask our trained drivers. Never provoke a camel or give it any sort of food!


* A hat, cap or turban

* Sunscreen and sunglasses

* Long-sleeve shirt, long trousers, sneakers or other type of solid shoes. Remember, the sun is fierce!

* Camera and film

* Toilet paper and towel

* Diary, pen, a book to read, cards or other games

* Medical kit (for just in case)

* In the winter season warm clothes for the night

* A big smile and positive attitude

* Food and mineral/filtered water will be provided at all times. Our camel drivers use only this water when preparing meals. All the food is vegetarian and freshly prepared over the campfire.

* You do not need a sleeping bag as you will be given clean bedrolls, which will keep you warm and protect you from the sand.

* Remember to keep the desert clean and never leave any rubbish behind.

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