2 Nights 3 Days Camel Safari Pushkar

Knowing the Details of Pushkar Jeep Safari with us

Jeep safari is another popular way to explore Pushkar in a new way. You can now easily book a jeep safari with us and we would give you a real thrilling experience that makes your tour a nice one as you have dreamt for. This jeep safari brings you closer to nature and thus you can incorporate the ultimate beauty in your life with the sands of Thar Desert.

Also, you can now discover the remote places since your jeep travels inside the rugged paths helping you to feel adventurous in real time. We have our experienced drivers and we would lead the convoy of jeeps in disciplines way ensuring that you feel confident enjoying the tour without any worries. Thus, you can now travel through the dusty and dirty trails that come out as the main attraction of jeep safari.

Secrets of Jeep Safari

We manage an average move of 150Kms every day and you can feel proud knowing that you are in safe hands where you can enjoy the tour with complete peace of mind. You can experience approximate 5-6 hours of jeep driving that comes out with a real thrill and you would love enjoying the ride.

Pushkar Half Day Jeep Safari

Half day jeep safari includes a time limit of 3.30 hours and it covers:

  • • Houses of Jypsi
  • • Matar rural village
  • • Visiting the rose farms
  • • Kisheer Sagar
  • • Kakreshwar & Makreshwar Temple

Pushkar Full Day Jeep Safari

It includes the following places:

  • • Matar rural village
  • • Rose farms
  • • Jypsi houses
  • • Kisheer Sagarv
  • • Kakreshwar & Makreshwar Temple
  • • AALU Baba Temple
  • • Vettori Hospital (TOLFA)
  • • Ajaypal Temple
  • • Pushkar Town Hotel

We also arrange a lunch at the desert camp and you can enjoy the delicious meals sitting in the mid of the desert.

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